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​If you are looking for something unique and exciting in Cranston or even in the greater Rhode Island area, then you have found the place. We are the only facility in Rhode Island and Cranston that is certified to teach the Elite and Professional Self Defense system called SYSTEMA. Currently used by Elite Special Military units and Law Enforcement Professional around the world.

For those looking to satisfy their urge to get in Shape and to Pound a Bag, then KICKBOXING TMT is your program. There is no other Fitness program like it in Cranston, combining Taekwondo, Muay Thai techniques and using an MMA Strength and Conditioning Protocol. All taught by Professional Trainers and Instructors.

No experience needed and all age levels are invited !

Sick and tired of overpriced Martial Arts and Karate schools pushing gimmicks and not offering a real education to your child? Some call it Party Karate !

Our goal is to provide the Cranston community a well though out, intensive and yet fun curriculum for our children. We believe that kids need to learn to become INDEPENDENT and STRONG children.

We are a Family Owned Business and therefore we treat you like Family. Cranston has been our home for over 10 years.  Having children of our own, we understand the demands and stress that goes with raising a child in today's environment.

We want to the same values and work ethics and we will work our best give your child exactly what they need!

The Martial Arts Classes:

As the only Official Taekwondo school in Cranston, Taekwondo is sometimes called Korean Karate and provides an invaluable benefit to children who participate in Martial Arts. Their training gives them the mental and physical attributes to strive for success in everything they do. The true Master is the one that is found from within.

We want our students to become leaders by not training as soldiers but as individuals. It takes effort, but it is worth it!





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Martial Arts Classes For Kids in Cranston, Rhode Island

Martial Arts Classes For Adults in Cranston, Rhode Island

FITNESS in our  Cranston classes are not just for Calorie-Burning, but also provide a means to change your Life. The alternative to gym equipment and fitness fads is our CombatFitness. Martial Arts is not a FAD, it has since the dawn of time forged both men and women into strong, confident and relentless warriors.Make the choice take any of our classes and no experience is necessary, We will guide you to whatever goal you desire.


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SELF DEFENSE or COMBATIVES is not something that can be taken lightly. Aggression is not a strategy. Violence is chaos. In that chaos scripted movements provide no benefit. The benefit is in understanding the chaos, grabbing a hold of your fear and release your intuitive weapons and movement. As Cranston's only Official Systema School we currently provide Self Defense training to State Troopers, Police Officers, Correctional Officers and Military Personnel for the Southern New England area. It is also what Professional Elite Police and Military Units currently use around the world. BREATHE MOVE FIGHT!


Superior Martial Arts and Fitness

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Superior Martial Arts And Fitness 


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