New Era in Training

Kids Martial Arts, Adult Kickboxing and Self Defense

This year , 2020 , has been a time of great disruption and innovation. We have adapted to these new times and now offer an exclusive new way of Teaching Karate, Fitness and Self Defense

Also we offer Adults exciting Fitness Kickboxing Classes and a unique Self Defense program called – The System


Our programs

Take a look at we have to offer for Kids and Adults

Kids Karate

We offer two Karate programs for Kids. Junior Ninja for children between the ages of 4 and 7, Warrior for children between the ages 8 and 12. Also, for those who would like to train at home, we have a complete Virtual Program for ALL ages.

Adult Kickboxing

Invigorating classes that teach the kicking prowess of Taekwondo – the power from Muay Thai and the Strike proficiency of Boxing – Burn over 800 calories per class!!

adult Self Defense

Our Self Defense class is called The System – we are the only certified facility in New England that teaches this program that is used by Special Elite Units and Security Teams around the world.

covid compliance

We have been approved by the State to operate our facility. We have ensured strict protocols to be Clean and Safe in this current environment.

what we have to offer

professional instruction

Owner and Head Instructor, Sasha Komocar, has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience and instruction. His expertise comes from playing professional soccer, training Olympic athletes and teaching combat tactics to military and security teams.

Being a father and husband , he understands the importance of mentorship, support and guidance for his students. As a result, he takes the time to teach almost ALL the classes. He really gets to know his kids and knows the name of each and every one of his students.

Lastly, we received many referrals for students who may have social and emotional issues. They need that personalized instruction the most!

supportive community

We purposely keep the number of members small and cap it at a certain number – We truly want that Family Feel! Mentoring is important to us and being there for our members through both the good and tough times. Support is what brings confidence and success!

FUn and Exciting Classes

No two classes are the same! A lot of effort is put into designing each class to cater to each students needs. Research shows that “Play” is how both children and adults learn quicker and stay committed to their training


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